Ashfield Valley Primary School

School Aims

At Ashfield Valley we believe that:-

The child is at the heart of education.
A school should provide a stimulating environment.
The curriculum should be broad and balanced.
The child's work should be matched with his/her own needs.
Teachers must harness the child's natural desire to learn and where possible teaching should be based on first-hand learning.
The centre of successful learning is successful relationships.
Parents, staff, pupils and governors need to be valued and respected.
The school premises should provide safe, clean, happy and attractive surroundings.
The school must ensure that all children have experiences related to the requirements of the National Curriculum at their individual levels.

Our school us a caring and supportive community where children (and staff) are encouraged to do their best in all areas of school life. We actively promote the principle of equal opportunities and will challenge and discourage prejudice and discrimination of any kind.